Age of Z Wiki

Officer Overview[]

Officers can be appointed to grant special effects to your city and army. Each Officer has different initial stats and skills that can be upgraded through Level Up and Star Up.

There are 3 main types of Officer in AoZ: Director, Strategy, and Warfare. Each Officer can have specific Officer Skills that boost aspects of your city/power. See How Do I Get Officer Skills?

  • Director Officer Skills are related to City development: building construction, Academy research, resource output, etc.
  • Strategy Officer Skills are about Army formation: army size, recruitment, wounded ratio, etc.
  • And Battle type Officers can help with all skills related to Battle (of course): battle power, attack, defense, HP, etc.

You can appoint a max of 6 Heroes for your City (2 for each type).

Quality of AoZ Officers differentiate in colors: red, blue and green. And the color determines his mastery. The higher mastery of the Officer, the better his initial skill.

You can upgrade your Officer by level up or Star up to increase mastery points and skill effect. Star up requires for Officer fragments and can unlock higher levels that he can be upgraded to. Level up requires for Officer XP scrolls and can unlock more skill spots.

Who are all the Officers?[]

  1. Bravestar
  2. Doc Gray
  3. Edward
  4. F. Medici
  5. Ginger
  6. Godfather
  7. Greene
  8. Hacker K
  9. I. Medici
  10. Jesse
  11. Kingsley
  12. Laureline
  13. Major Morgan
  14. Miss Suzy
  15. Red Grace
  16. Rockbell
  17. Rooker
  18. Sergeant Barney
  19. Steven
  20. Storm Bow
  21. Tifa
  22. Victoria