You can find new skills by Exploring the City Ruins or through Officer Recruitment. 

Pro Tips

  • Always dismantle the officer skills you don’t want, they provide twice the XP books
  • Change your officer setup and the skills they have depending on what you're doing
  • All Purples isn't always the best choice

What are Officer Skills?

Officer Skills are buffs you can assign to your officers to boost things like HP, Seige attack, all troops HP, defense and more. They're sorted by the officer type.

Can I increase the Officer Skill level?

Yes, it depends on two things: The level of your Officer and their Star level.

Can I have more than one Officer Skill?

Yes. The higher your Officer's level (when you UPGRADE them), the more slots for additional skills will appear.

How do I increase the Officer Skill level?

You can upgrade the Officer Skills by finding/buying more Skill Fragments and fusing them.

What are the types of Officer Skills?

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