Age of Z Wiki

You can find new skills by Exploring the City Ruins or through Officer Recruitment. 

Pro Tips[]

  • Always dismantle the officer skills you don’t want, they provide twice the XP books
  • Change your officer setup and the skills they have depending on what you're doing
  • All Purples isn't always the best choice

What are Officer Skills?[]

Officer Skills are buffs you can assign to your officers to boost things like HP, Seige attack, all troops HP, defense and more. They're sorted by the officer type.

Can I increase the Officer Skill level?[]

Yes, it depends on two things: The level of your Officer and their Star level.

Can I have more than one Officer Skill?[]

Yes. The higher your Officer's level (when you UPGRADE them), the more slots for additional skills will appear.

How do I increase the Officer Skill level?[]

You can upgrade the Officer Skills by finding/buying more Skill Fragments and fusing them.

What are the types of Officer Skills?[]