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By. (D3A)⁰Neo³Ace⁰

(as the information was completely wrong before. Know, I'm not the one who wrote the background) 😂

Background: An authentic Texas sheriff who rode into the end of the world on horseback. As a one-man-one-horse rescue team, he rode from city to city and personally saved thousands of people. It's only now that he's realized, he may just be a natural leader.

Officer Name: Bravestar ✅

Type: Strategy ✅

Mastery: 115 ✅

Officer Skill: Advanced Medicine (for every +100 officer master / +7.475 Max Wounded)

Max wounded: the hostpital's limit cap of the amount of troops it can hold and then heal, after the troops have been killed in a PVP battle and are converted from dead to wounded troops(¹able to heal) or lost troops (¹lost forever[unless otherwise convert to the *Biochemical*Hostpital]).

[the amount of dead/wound converted to the *Regular*Hostpital is affected by many factors. But can be increased. (¹Example. skill: [First AidLv.1]: for every +100 Mastery, Wounded Ratio +0.1)

After your Hostpital's Wounded Capacity is reached, any troop that is killed and converted to wounded is then lost forever due to lack of space.

- I hope this helps👌 play smart 🤓 then fight hard💪... "Cuzz ain't nobody want to hear your A$$ complain every KE🤣😉