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Here are some General rules for Alliances based on the rules of several Alliances.

Credit: AoZ Facebook Post

1. All movements on the Alliance Territory must be agreed with the leader.
2. Before leaving the Alliance Territory, it is necessary to warn the leader no later than 24 hours before moving.
3. Arrival at the Alliance Territory must be agreed at least 24 hours before the teleport to be able to choose the most favorable landing option.

Inform the leader of your wishes and concerns about the location.

Rules to enter Alliance:
Players of any level of development can be accepted in the Alliance. The decision to accept the player is made by the leader.

Rules to expel from the Alliance:
Players who repeatedly violated the rules of the Alliance and/or regularly acting against the interests of the Alliance will be expelled. Before the expulsion process, the leader must talk to the expelled player and try to resolve the conflict. An expelled player can be re-accepted into the Alliance by the decision of the leader.

The rules of communication:
1. It is forbidden to insult members of the Alliance.
2. Using obscene words is not recommended.
3. It is recommended to resolve conflicts arising within the Alliance on the basis of respect and friendly attitude to all players.
4. It is recommended not to interrupt communication on any topic unless it is of extreme importance.
5. It is recommended to be active in the Alliance chat, that is, to communicate or at least say Hello.

Stay active in Age of Z:
If a player is absent for more than five days, the Alliance can expel this player, kill his troops, plunder his resources, and farm his city until he re-enters the game. Here, "farm"means to attack an empty city to collect the resources produced in it each day.

Also the leader can create a “Days-off” chat, where the Alliance`s members can give everyone a heads up about how many days will they be out of the game.

1. Players may not deliberately ignore questions addressed to them personally. If the player does not understand the question, there is no desire to answer or there is no time opportunity to answer, then it is necessary to inform the person who asked the question.
2. Do not insult other players with words that carry a clear negative sense.
3. Do not offend players from other Alliances.
4. Do not use swear words.

If any player has violated one of the above points, they need to apologize sincerely to the person they offended.

Not recommended in the Alliance chat:
1. Ignore discussions of significant issues related to the Alliance.
2. To prevent discussion in the chat which is important for development of the Alliance.

Recommended in the Alliance chat:
1. Be friendly and polite to other players.
2. Express gratitude and appreciation to those who do important things for the Alliance.
3. Kindly explain to other players for their mistakes and violations.
4. Share with other players knowledge that can be useful to other players.
5. Support other players in their endeavors leading to the development of the Alliance.
6. To actively participate in discussions important to the Alliance questions or express your opinion and ideas.
7. Listen carefully opinions of other players which are related to the Alliance.

And do you have any settled rules in your Alliance? Share with us to give other Alliances an opportunity to bring order to their Alliance.