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Gather Resources for Buildings[]

After you have completed the tutorial build as many different types of buildings as possible. Food, Oil, Steel, and Mineral are the four types of resources In Age of Z and they are required to build or upgrade buildings. The higher the building level, the more resources it will need and the longer it will take to finish upgrading to the next level. You can speed up the upgrading or building processes using the 'Building Speed Up' items. You can also use Gold to instantly complete these processes but this is not recommended unless you have plenty of it.

Upgrade your Main Hall It is important that you upgrade your Main Hall whenever possible as the higher the level of your Main Hall, the higher your other buildings can be upgraded in terms of level. Upgrading the Main Hall will also unlock new features and rescue more city blocks. 

Collect Resources At the bottom left side of the screen is the World Map icon which you can tap to access a map. This feature will enable you to send troops to gather resources, this is done by clicking a resource mine on the world map and selecting 'Gather'. You can also attack other player's territories to steal some resources from them.

Defeat World Map Monsters Tapping the World Map icon to access the map will also enable you to hunt monsters of different levels and types for various rewards and Commander EXP. If you decide to hunt one of these monsters you will require mobility which can either be recovered over time or purchased using Gold. Also, if your soldiers are wounded during a hunt and there is not enough space in the hospital when they are automatically taken there, they will die.

Complete Daily Reward Quests Complete the different Daily Reward quests for the various rewards they offer, you can check to see what quests are available by selecting the 'Quest' tab at the bottom left of the 'Main Menu'. These Daily Reward quests tend to be things like gathering a number of resources or recruiting a number of troops. Completing them will enable you to earn resources, 'Speed Up' items, and Commander EXP. If you complete the recommended Quests your city will keep growing smoothly

Event Quests As well as completing the Daily Reward quests you may also want to consider participating in Event Quests to earn more rewards, you can check to see what is available by visiting both the Event and Event Center buildings. Prioritise the Daily Reward quests first then the Event Quests since the Daily Reward quests will reset daily.

Level Up Officers The officers that you recruit at the Command Center can be leveled up using Officer XP cards. These can be obtained by defeating World Map Monsters. To 'Star Up' your officers so you unlock new officer skills requires officer fragments which can either be obtained from Officer Recruit, Adventures, Gift Packs and City Ruins from the World Map.

Join an Alliance Make sure you join an Alliance (Guild) as soon as you can as doing so will allow you access to the Alliance Shop where you can use the Alliance points you earn to get 'Speed Up' items, peace shields, VIP points, and teleportation scrolls. You will also be able to Donate either resources or Gold to the Alliance to unlock Guild skills for both Alliance Honor and Alliance points. You can donate up to 15 times and each donation time will recharge every 900 seconds. Being part of an Alliance will enable you to assist other Alliance members to speed up their building and upgrading duration and allow them to do the same for you.

Login Daily Even if you do not intend to play Age of Z it is worthwhile logging in every day for the daily rewards which will include 'Fleet Speed' items, 'Speed Up' items, Elite Recruitment Order, and Gold.